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Internships in Biology

The Biology department is committed to helping students make the most of their co-curricular opportunities. Whether it is finding internship opportunities for students or making sure that students get credit for opportunities they have made for themselves; the Biology Department stands ready.

Getting Started

Step #1: Find opportunities

Opportunities can be found all over! As a Biology student you will receive emails with opportunities. You can scan the internet for internships. You can even ask your friends and family if they know a company or office that might be looking. As a student you are in a unique position to approach anyone about doing an internship. We have students doing internships at drug companies, non-profit agencies, pharmacies, medical offices, schools, veterinarians, wildlife refuges, commercial labs, etc. Find some opportunities and then move to step 2. Even if you can’t find any still move to step 2.

Step #2: Contact the Internship director 

Email Button biointern@ecu.edu

Even if you have not been able to find your own opportunity you should still contact our internship director. They will schedule a meeting with you to begin to go over what you’ll be doing and learning at your internship. As a rule of thumb, you can apply for 1 credit hour for every 40 hours you engage in your internships.

Some Resources

Here are a few links for internship possibilities.

National Science Foundation REU site is a clearing house that list opportunities all over the world

Below is a list of other websites with internship positions:

Biotech Careers
Marine Careers
North Carolina Wildlife resources
North Carolina Zoo
Conservation job board
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service