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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Biology offers two undergraduate programs: BS in Biochemistry and BS in Biology.  

Our goals are to: prepare our students with the knowledge and confidence to apply the scientific method in biochemical and biological research; train our students to communicate scientific discoveries in standard scientific formats; educate our students so they understand, and are able to apply, foundational biochemical and biological concepts necessary for graduate education, professional schools or a career in the biochemical and biological sciences.

Our department has approximately

  • 600 declared BS-Biology students
  • 50 declared BS-Biochemistry students
  • 80 graduate students
  • 45 faculty
  • 15 staff (technical and clerical)

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Three concentrations to choose from:
  • General Biology
  • Ecology Evolution
  • Molecular Cell biology
The BS-Biology degree requires:
  • minimum of 120 s.h. of course work
  • 2.0 average overall GPA
  • 2.0 major GPA
  • 12 s.h. of writing intensive (WI) courses
  • 40 s.h. of General Education courses
    • English 6 s.h.
    • Health & P.E. 3 s.h.
    • Humanities & Fine Arts 9 s.h.
    • Social Sciences 9 s.h.
    • Math (College Algebra) 3 s.h.
    • Natural Science 7 s.h.
    • Student's choice from the above list 3 s.h.

Two concentrations to choose from:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry