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Registration Override Request Form for Biology Courses when taking Prerequisite Course(s) Outside of ECU 


To request permission to register for a biology course and complete the prerequisite(s) over the summer at another institution, please fill out the form below.  There are four sections that are required before you can submit the information.  Please verify the information is correct, you will be allowed to edit the information before confirming.  To submit information you must select CONFIRM.

Upon completion of your transfer course(s), please submit a copy of your unofficial transcript to BUG@ecu.edu, this ensures that our department has a record of your completion of the prerequisite course(s) required.

If there is no course equivalency on file, you must request a course re-evaluation from the department that houses the course (Ex: transferring a CHEM course with no course equivalency on file must go through the CHEM Dept.; a BIOL course would come through the BIOL Dept.)

If you are transferring BIOL 2140/41, we highly recommend you submit a copy of your syllabus for review, regardless of a course equivalency on file.  Submit your syllabus to BUG@ecu.edu.

We appreciate your patience.

Registration Override Request Form


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