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Course Registration Help: BIOL 2110/11, 2140/41, 2150/51

Please read all details below:

Banner will now enforce all of the catalog prerequisites (including the GPA requirement) for the following courses: BIOL 2140, 2141, 2150, 2151, 2110 and 2111.

The following changes will occur to our process:

  • No MANUAL or BANNER wait list will exist for these courses; registration will be first come, first serve
  • If your ECU GPA is below a 2.75, Banner will prohibit registration
    • After grades post for the current term, if your ECU GPA rises to above a 2.75, Banner will allow registration
  • Our office WILL continue to run reports to verify all students enrolled in these courses meet the GPA requirement after grades update for each term.  After grades post for each term, our office will verify this information and drop students who no longer meet the requirement.  The notification process will include notifying advisors and students prior to the drop.

Banner WILL enforce the prerequisite requirement.

Remember, Banner does not recognize substitutions made in Degreeworks.  It is looking for the exact course as listed in the catalog prerequisites.  According to Banner, CHEM 1XXX substituted as CHEM 1120 in Degreeworks does not equal CHEM 1120.  To check to make sure all transfer courses are coded correctly check Academic Transcript in Banner Self-Service.

Banner WILL enforce the corequisite requirement.

Provided that you have all the prerequisites, as stated in the catalog, if you are receiving the prerequisite and test score error check to make sure that you are first adding the CRN for the lecture to your worksheet then adding the CRN for the lab to your worksheet second.  Once you have both CRNs on your worksheet you can submit changes.  Lecture and Lab must be registered simultaneously.

First Semester, Transfer Students

First semester, transfer students with an ECU GPA of 0.0 will need to speak with their advisor before registration otherwise, an error will occur during registration.


Troubleshooting Help

If you are having registration difficulty with these courses 

  • and you meet all prerequisite requirements 
  • and you are registering for the co-requisite simultaneously
  • there are no time conflicts with your academic schedule, wait listed courses, or lecture/lab course you are adding
  • Visit Common Registration Errors for a list of common errors and how to resolve errors
Please email your name, Banner ID and a detailed description of the error to BUG@ecu.edu, or complete help form located here: Common Registration Errors Help Form.


Course Requirements

Refer to the catalog for a list of prerequisites. A GPA of 2.75 or higher is the minimum GPA required for these courses.

If a student's anticipated GPA, will rise to a 2.75 or higher, the student cannot register until grades update.

If a student is planning on obtaining prerequisites during the summer outside of ECU, our department requires a request form to be completed. See form link below.

  • Please check the Course Equivalency database to make sure the course you are anticipating on taking transfers to ECU as the correct prerequisite.
  • If you are anticipating on completing BIOL 2140/41 outside of ECU please understand the following:
    • Our department highly discourages students from doing this.
    • We highly recommend students taking BIOL 2140/41 outside of ECU submit a syllabus to our department for review, regardless of a Course Equivalency on file. This allows our BIOL 2140/41, 2150/51 professor to review the syllabus to see if there are any topics not covered in the transfer course that are necessary for successful completion of BIOL 2150/51 at ECU.

Registration Override Request Form for Biology Courses when taking Prerequisite Course(s) Outside of ECU

If you are planning to take a course at another institution as a prerequisite, please Click Here to access the form required to receive an override.