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Graduate Program Overview
The ECU Department of Biology supports a wide diversity of faculty and student research interests, mirrored by our graduate degree programs. Students may pursue either master of science degrees in biology (thesis or non-thesis option) or molecular biology and biotechnology or a doctoral degree in the biology concentration in interdisciplinary biological sciences or an affiliated program in coastal resources management. We continue a strong tradition of teaching at ECU by developing educational opportunities in the areas of bioinformatics, biostatistics, and science education/ pedagogy. Faculty and graduate students engage in research that is nationally and internationally recognized and funded, providing students hands-on experience that forms the cornerstone of a biology career.

Graduate Student News

Congratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

Martha N. Jones Scholarship:  Chris Thaxton (MS Biology)

James S. McDaniel Scholarship:  Amelia Blake (IDPBS) & Rebecca Barnard (MS Biology)

New Program Available

Academic English and Research Skills in Biological Sciences Program:  The ECU Academic English and Research Skills Program is a non-credit program that gives you valuable classroom instruction on academic English, paired with opportunities to audit graduate or undergraduate courses in biology and conduct laboratory or field research supervised by ECU faculty, all to help you succeed in your academic and professional career. See program details for more information.