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Department of Biology

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Biology faculty members Christensen, Farwell, Hager, McKinnon and West honored at ECU awards day

   Biology award nominees honored at the Founders Day University Awards Celebration and an associated celebration of patent holders were:

Anthony Capehart (Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching)
Tim Christensen (Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award) – Also Recipient!
 Liz Jones (East Carolina Alumni Assoc. Award for Outstanding Teaching)
Alex Georgakilas (Max Ray Joyner Award for Faculty Service through Continuing Education)
Biology Leadership Team - Jeff McKinnon, Terry West, & Mary Farwell (Centennial Awards for Excellence – Leadership) – Also Recipients!
Mary Farwell (STEM Team Spirit Award)
Paul Hager (Inducted into National Academy of Inventors)


Anthony Caphart

Tim C 2011

Tim Christensen


Liz Jones


Alex Geogakilas


Jeff McKinnon


Terry West


Mary Farwell


Paul Hager 

Paul Hager