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The BioLL-Bio Living-Learning Community—New in 2012!

Announcing a new Living-Learning Community at ECU for freshmen intended Biology and Biochemistry majors. We are taking applications for housing 30 students with an interest in living in a community with others who have the same goals—to succeed at ECU and in a career in the life sciences. The purpose of the Bio Living-Learning Community (BioLL) is to help intended Biology and Biochemistry students succeed at ECU, in the major, and in their careers. The BioLL will reach its goals by changing the institutional culture for the students so that they take full advantage of everything that a large university offers.  The components of the BioLL include 1) living together in a group with a shared academic purpose and some shared courses 2) having an RA in their major 3) some classes and tutoring scheduled on-site 4) and regular interaction with faculty, in particular the BioLL coordinator Dr. Sutton.  Other programs, such as a sailing experience in the fall semester, may also occur. Finally, beginning in Fall 2012, BioExcellence scholarships will be awarded to financially deserving freshmen (FAFSA-eligible). Only students who apply to and are accepted into the BioLL will be eligible for the scholarships.  More information and an application for the scholarships can be found (link to BioExcellence).


By providing a community for Biology and Biochemistry intended majors at ECU and providing support structures such as focused tutoring and cohorting into small classes, we will help BioLL members to focus on academics first as well as the adventure aspect of group molding and teamwork.  When academics are the first priority for students, and students live in a supportive environment with a team atmosphere, it is easy for them to understand how to prioritize other important things such as recreation and leisure and friends and family obligations.  Some of ECU's existing support structures, such as tutoring, are not always fully utilized by the type of students who will be in the BioLL program, who are good high school students (GPA over 3.0).  Such students may not fully understand what they need to do to succeed in college or in a competitive degree program.  Therefore, the BioLL will guide students to what they need to do to succeed. 


Requirements:  Students are required to have a 3.0 (weighted) high school GPA.  We are interested in students who share an interest in the life sciences as a college major and a career.  Although all students with those attributes will be considered, we are especially interested in students whose parents have not attended college and live in communities that have not had resources such as those available at ECU.


For more information about the BioLL, please contact Lee Sutton or Mary Farwell,   Click on this link for the application for the BioLL.