The Genomics Core Facility has recently installed Life Technologies’ state-of-the-art next gen sequencing instrument – the Ion Proton. The Proton uses proprietary semiconductor sequencing with a simple sequencing chemistry, and is capable of sequencing an entire human genome in just a few hours. Using as little as 10 ng of DNA, the Proton will support many applications including exome , transcriptome and ChiP sequencing.

We offer library prep services, or we can run libraries prepared by the investigator. RNA samples should have a RIN of at least 7 for good quality results. Using barcoded adapters allows multiplexing your samples for a more economical run.  There are 16 barcodes available for RNA and 96 barcodes available for DNA.

Proton chip

The Ion PI™Chip electronically detects polymerase-driven base incorporation without the use of fluorescence. By eliminating the use of an optical detection system, this revolutionary advance in next-generation sequencing technology allows for rapid sequencing times of less than 4 hours. The PI chip will deliver up to 80 million reads and up to 10 gigs of data using 200 bp reads.

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