Christopher N. Balakrishnan

Title: Assistant Professor
Area of Study: Evolutionary and Behavioral Genomics
Phone: (252) 328-2910
Fax: (252) 328-4178
Website: Balakrishnan Lab Website
Office: N212B Howell Science Complex
Address: East Carolina University
Department of Biology
N212B Howell Science Complex
Mailstop 551
Greenville, NC 27858


Ph.D.: Biology, Boston University, 2005

B.A.: Biology, University of Pennsylvania 1997

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Research Interests:

Work in the Balakrishnan Lab is aimed at understanding how genes and the environment interact to generate biodiversity. By combining a historical perspective with functional and comparative genomics, we seek to uncover both the genomic basis of evolutionary adaptation and the ecological and demographic processes responsible for population divergence. Our work revolves around four central research themes:

Speciation Biology: We are interested in understanding both ecological and genomic aspects of the speciation process using birds as a model system. Indigobirds represent a remarkable case of sympatric speciation and the evolution of morphological mimicry.

Behavioral Genomics: The zebra finch has long been an important system for the study of behavior. We are expanding on this system, using the diversity of behavior displayed by birds. By combining a comparative evolutionary approach with modern genomic approaches we aim to learn more about how changes in the genome and gene regulation relate to behavioral variation.

Comparative Genomics: We use comparative genomic approaches to study the evolution of avian (and other) genomes. This includes detailed, targeted studies of genes and gene families of interest (for example, the MHC), and also genome-wide comparisons of rates and patterns of sequence evolution and gene duplication.

Phylogeography: To put patterns of behavioral and functional genomic change in an evolutionary context, it is essential to understand the timing and demography of divergence. We study patterns of divergence in African and Australian finches using modern multi-locus approaches.


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Courses Taught:

BIOL 4240/7240 Genome Evolution

BIOL 6992/6993 – Next Generation Sequencing Techniques and Analysis

Laboratory Personnel:


Allison Lansverk,
Ph.D. Student


Daniel Newhouse, 
Masters Student


Bin Luo, 
Laboratory Technician


Shaivya Pathak,