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Department of Biology

Biology Minor

Requirements for Biology Minor:

BIOL 1100, 1101 (Principles of Biology I and Laboratory); 1200, 1201 (Principles of Biology II and Laboratory); 2250, 2251 (Ecology and Laboratory); 2300 (Principles of Genetics); 9 s.h. of biology electives.........24 s.h.

Note: course numbers ending in "1" designate the associated laboratory. A course may/may not require lab. Upper level courses may have prerequisites. See the ECU Undergraduate Catalog for this information.

Minor programs consisting of course sequences in particular areas can be tailored to particular student needs with the approval of the Biology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.......24 s.h.

Many biology students minor in Coastal and Marine Studies which provide them with an overview of coastal and marine environments, specially the biological, physical, social, and historical aspects of coastal and marine resources.