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Department of Biology



Elizabeth Ables Elizabeth Ables

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology

Marcelo Alligator River Marcelo Ardon

Ecosystem Ecology

Chris Balakrishnan Chris Balakrishnan

Avian Evolutionary & Behavioral Genomics

AEB_with_alligator Anne Bunnell

Biological Education

capehart Tony Capehart

Developmental Biology

Chalcraft David Chalcraft

Population & community ecology; ecological aspects of biodiversity

christensen Tim Christensen

Genetics and Cell Biology

Robert Christian Bob Christian

Systems and network theory; ecology of coastal ecosystems

 Richard Crawford Richard Crawford

Fish Ecology

 Mary Farwell

Mary Farwell


 jason gee


Jason Gee

Microbial genetics and pathogenesis

Robin Gibson-Brown Robin Gibson-Brown

General Biology & Distance Education

  goodwilliec Carol Goodwillie

Plant evolutionary genetics and ecology


Paul Hager

Molecular Biology

patharris_sm Pat Harris

Fish life histories, Fishery Impacts

huang Jinling Huang

Evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics; horizontal gene transfer

jolls small Claudia Jolls

Plant evolutionary ecology and conservation

liz jones

Liz Jones

Anatomy & Physiology

Keith Keene Keith Keene

Health disparities, genetics of complex diseases(e.g. diabetes and stroke)

David Kimmel

Dave Kimmel

Plankton Ecology

lamb Trip Lamb

Systematics and phylogeography


Joe Luczkovich

Food web ecology and fish bioacoustics

Krista McCoy Krista McCoy

Ecological Physiology and Development


Michael McCoy

Quantitative Population and Community Ecology

mckinnon Jeff McKinnon

Sexual selection, speciation in fish


Sue McRae

Behavioral ecology and social evolution in birds

overton Anthony Overton

Larval fish ecology, fisheries biology


Xiaoping Pan



Ariane Peralta

Microbial Ecology, Wetland Restoration, Agroecology

cindy putnam evans

Cindy Putnam-Evans

Molecular Aspects of Photosynthesis


Yiping Qi

Plant disease resistance and precise genome editing

 reyes  Enrique Reyes

Landscape ecology, ecological modeling, coastal management

   Dave_Boise_River_Trout2 David Rudel

Developmental Genetics and Evolution


Roger Rulifson

Fisheries Biology and management


John D. Rummel

Astrobiology, Coastal Science and Policy, Planetary Protection

scemama Jean-Luc Scemama

Post- duplication gene evolution

Margit-Schmidt_2p100 Margit Schmidt

Immunology & Cell Biology

stellwag_ed Ed Stellwag

Vertebrate evo- devo and cis-regulatory network evolution

stiller John Stiller

Plant comparative genomics

summers Kyle Summers

Evolution of color, behavior in poison frogs; evolutionary medicine

Suttonl Lee Sutton

Anatomy & Physiology

beth thompson Beth Thompson

Developmental Genetics

vancechalcraft Heather Vance-Chalcraft

Predation and community ecology

westt Terry West

Human impacts on coastal ecosystems


Shaun Willson

Environmental Biology, Distance Education

 zhang Baohong Zhang

Molecular Genetics, Toxicology, and Biotechnology

zhu Yong Zhu

Molecular & Developmental Endocrinology


Visiting Faculty

Eric Anderson

Michael Reubens

Evan Twomey

Jarrett Whelan

Lauren McCarthy

Scott Jones

Kristin Voytek