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Genomics Core Facility

 sequencer The Genomics Core Facility provides a rapid, dependable, and economical service for DNA sequencing for the research community located in the Department of Biology at East Carolina University. We utilitze the 3130 Genetic Anyalyzer from Applied Biosystems and BigDyeTerminator v3.1 chemistry to produce quality sequence data of over 600 bp using investigator-provided templates from PCR, plasmid prep and other large DNA samples.  

These samples can be run with primers the Facility has in stock, or with custom primers provided by the researcher. Quality of DNA samples is the key to good sequencing results. To ensure quality and timely return of results, of your results, please review our requirements for sample submission and guidelines for shipping samples.


The versatility of the 3130 has allowed us to work with researchers to develop our newest service-analyzing fluorescently labelled primer extension products. Primer extension products, traditionally run with radioactive labels, can now be labeled with one of the five fluorescent colors recognized by the 3130 thereby saving time and health concerns. The five color capability of the ABI 3130 means that mutiplexing of samples with four fluorescent dyes is possible, with one color reserved for size standards.

We encourage you to use the links on the left side of the screen to learn more about our facility and the services we offer, or contact us directly.