sequencer_2 Welcome to the Genomics Core Facility, located in the Department of Biology at East Carolina University. We provide rapid, dependable and economical service for Sanger and next-gen sequencing to the research community of East Carolina University and researchers outside ECU. For Sanger sequencing, we have the 3130 Genetic Analyzer from Applied Biosystems, which delivers quality data of over 700 bases. The six color capability of the 3130 (with one color reserved for the size standard)allows for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness in multiplexing samples for microsatellites, tRFLP or other fragment analysis methods.

To determine the quality of RNA and DNA samples, we use the Agilent Bioanalyzer. The Bioanalyzer is sensitive enough to detect pico amounts of RNA, and the RIN (RNA Integrity Number), developed by Agilent, is the gold standard for RNA quality.

Our newest service is next-gen sequencing, using the Ion Proton from Applied Biosystems. Using simple chemistry, the Proton is capable of sequencing whole genomes, transcriptomes and ChIP seq projects in just a few hours. Please use the links above to learn more about our services.

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