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Pricing and Policy


Sequences are $8.00 per single template/primer reaction for University researchers, and $10.00 per single template/primer reaction for non-University researchers.  Primer Extension is $4.00 per sample for University members, and $6.00 for researchers outside the University.  If the researcher has prepared the sequencing reactions, the cost for electrophoresis only is $1.50 per sample.

Turn-around time

Results will be ready in 2 – 3 working days.  An email will be sent to the address(es) listed  on the request form when the results  are posted to the server.

Server access

A folder will be created for a researcher the first time he/she sends samples to the Genomics Core Facility.  The PI will automatically have access to his/her folder on the server.  To add access for students to their folder, the PI will have to send an email to Denise Mayer ( to request access. Please incude the PirateID in the email.


 DNA sequencing reactions may fail for various reasons, and the researcher may ask  the Facility to re-run their samples.  If it is determined the reaction failed due to poor template, or primer difficulties, the researcher will be charged for the re-run.  If, however, it is determined the Facility is at fault, there will be no additional charge to the researcher.