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Receiving Results

You will receive an email informing you when your results have been posted to the server for you to pick up.  The directions on how to access the server are as follows:

To map a network drive using Windows:

-Right click on "My Computer" and select "Map network drive"

-Choose a drive letter or you can just use the default letter.

-In the "folder" field, type in the path to your folder using the Pirate ID of the PI where indicated:

\\cf1\coreprod\genomics\PI PirateID here

-Check the box that says "reconnect at logon" so this drive will

 automatically appear each time you log on to your computer.

-Click finish

-Enter your ECUID and password when prompted


On a Mac using the FTP program Fetch:

-You can download the FTP transfer program Fetch.  Be sure to download the instructions containing

 the serial number for the ECU site license.

-When you open the program it automatically goes to a new connection window.

-In the box next to "Hostname" type:    

-Leave "Connect Using"  set at   FTP   

-Put in your ECUID and password where indicated

-in the box next to "Initial Folder" type:  core1/docs/genomics/PI PirateID here


For each sample sequenced, there will be  two files - a text file with a .seq extension containing just the DNA sequence results, and an electropherogram file with a .ab1 extension. The text file can be opened in Word or any word processing program by launching the program, then using the File...Open command to bring up the Open File dialog box. Locate the drop-down box that allows you to change the file type the program will see.  Be certain it says "All Files", instead of "Word Files" or whatever else it may be set on.

Software for Viewing Sequencing Electropherogram Files

The electropherogram file can be opened in Windows with Chromas from Technelysium  or ChromaTool from Biotools, Inc. Sequence Scanner Software from ABI is also available.  Mac users can download 4Peaks from

IMPORTANT: While our staff strives to generate the highest quality results by conducting routine quality assurance assessments each day, we do not edit or otherwise review your results.  We encourage you to review your electropherograms and edit the sequence files according to your specific standards.  If you are a new user and require help in editing and interpreting electropherograms please contact us.

Software for Viewing Fragment Analysis Files

The  .fsa files for primer extension can be viewed in STRand or Peak Scanner from Applied Biosystems.