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We accept plasmid, PCR products, cosmids, phage, BAC, and bacterial genomic DNA samples. Your samples can be sequenced with either facility stock primers, custom primers sent with your order, or custom primers synthesized at the facility. Clients submitting custom primers should follow these general guidelines to ensure quality results. Clients who have large inserts can take advantage of our primer walking service to get information on their entire clone. Finally, for clients who prefer to set up their own reactions, we offer a "capillary run only" service. Please note that we can only accept capillary runs that have been set up using Applied Biosystems BigDye chemistries. Please specify in the "Comments" section of the OnCore System which chemistry has been used.

Sequencing samples are run on the Applied Biosystems 3130 DNA Genetic Analyzer. The AB 3130 uses a five-color dye system and provides up to 700 bases of usable sequence data per reaction.