Robin Gibson-Brown

Title: Teaching Instructor
Area of Study: General Biology
Phone: 252-229-6829
Fax: 252-637-7506
Address: Not Given

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Development of Online Courses:

I have developed online biology courses for majors (Biol 1100, 1101, 1200, 1201). The lecture courses for majors require intense online interaction on the discussion board and independent study with the textbook. The lab courses require the purchase of a microscope and lab kit by the student. There are ten labs per semester which allows students to collect data and share the data with each other. Students will record data in a lab notebook that is mailed to the instructor twice during the semester and will write formal lab reports as part of the lab course.

Courses Taught:

Biol 1050, 1051 General Biology and General Biology Lab Online

Biol 1100, 1101 Principle of Biology I and Principle of Biology Laboratory I Online

Biol 1200, 1201 Principles of Biology II and Principle of Biology Laboratory II Online