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Department of Biology

   Honors in Biology

     Biology majors who maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 may participate in the department's honors program. This program is designed for exceptional students wishing to use their creative abilities to pursue indepth inquiries (research, co-teaching, field work, internships, etc.) into the biological sciences, the topic of inquiry being determined by the student in consultation with a faculty mentor/sponsor.

     Participation in the program is by mutual agreement between the student and the faculty mentor and requires enrollment in a minimum of 6 s.h. of credit selected from BIOL 3550, 4550, 4504, 4514, 5995. While grades will be awarded independently for each research/honors course in which the student enrolls, graduation with honors requires the student to submit the final product of activity for critical review by the departmental honors review board.

    Students should note that no more the 6 s.h. of credit in honors or research courses may be counted for biology elective credit for a degree.