Cell Culture Lab


The core cell culture facility is a resource available to all biology faculty and student. It is located on the third floor of the Howell Science Building in room N302. It is a recently renovated laboratory that serves as a teaching as well as research facility. The facility is used to train both undergraduate and graduate students. We are offering a graduate cell biology class every fall. In addition, we are teaching undergraduate workshops during the summer. These workshops are 2 weeks long and provide undergraduate students with necessary skills to work in a cell culture lab. The workshops are offered twice each summer.


The facility contains enough equipment to accommodate up to eight students at a time. We have four biological safety cabinets, two CO2 incubators, two bench top centrifuges, a plate reader and plate washer, two inverted microscopes, and a compound microscope. Additionally, the facility also acts as a repository for cell line storage through the use of three cryo-storage units, which are available to all biology faculty members and their students.

Jianfen Lu is the core cell culture facility manager and can be contacted by phone at 328-6511, or by email at luji@ecu.edu

For more information about the Cell Biology graduate class or the undergraduate summer workshops, contact Dr. Jean-Luc Scemama; 252-328-1838, scemamaj@ecu.edu

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