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We are a broad department that emphasizes integrative approaches drawing from across the life sciences. We offer undergraduate majors in Biology and Biochemistry and graduate opportunities at both the MS and PhD levels. Our faculty, students, and staff have received a wide range of honors and awards and some of their achievements are highlighted on this site. We encourage alumni to keep in touch and prospective students to visit. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jeff McKinnon, Chair

Biology News


Dr. Carol Goodwillie Incorporates Service Learning Into Biology Class

Dr. Carol Goodwillie received funds from the faculty senate’s Teaching Grants Committee – making the first service learning science course at ECU possible. Thirty of Goodwillie’s students helped remove invasive plants in an ongoing habitat restoration project at River Park North.

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Dustin Foote

Biology Graduate Student Gives Outreach Lectures at Sylvan Heights Bird Park

Dustin Foote, a MS student studying in the lab of Dr. Chris Balakrishnan, is presenting a series of lectures at the Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck. These talks are guaranteed to be interesting, informative, and fun for the whole family!

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Saltwater Intrusion

A new grant will allow East Carolina University and partner institutions to address a saltwater issue affecting the ecosystems and economy of eastern North Carolina.

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Interdisciplinary research conducted by faculty and students in Department of Biology and Computer Science published in Nature Communications

Photosynthesis moved into eukaryotic organisms through the endosymbiotic uptake of cyanobacteria that, over time, were integrated as organelles1. Primary plastids, direct descendants of this process, are found in three evolutionary lineages: red algae, green plants and glaucophytes.

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Beth Thompson

Editor highlights article by Dr. Beth Thompson in December edition of "The Plant Cell"

Dr. Beth Thompson was the lead author of an article featured in the 'In Brief' section of the prestigious journal 'The Plant Cell' published online in December 2014. Christine Basham, a graduate student in her lab was one of the co-authors of the study.

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