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Primary Faculty

Chris Balakrishnan: Comparative genomics

April Blakeslee (Conservation, Invasion, Parasite and Marine Ecology)

Michael Brewer (Bioinformatics and Genomics)

Kris Callis-Duehl (STEM Education)

David Chalcraft: Population and community ecology; ecological aspects of biodiversity.

Robert Christian: Systems and network theory; ecology of coastal ecosystems.

Erin Field (Geomicrobiology, Marine Microbial Processes, Microbial Genomics)

Carol Goodwillie: Plant mating system evolution.

Jinling Huang: Evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics; horizontal gene transfer.

Fadi Issa (Neurobiology and Behavior)

Claudia Jolls: Plant evolutionary ecology and conservation.

Trip Lamb: Systematics and phylogeography.

Joe Luczkovich: Food web ecology and fish bioacoustics.

Krista McCoy: Ecological development and physiology

Mike McCoy: Quantitative population and community ecology

Jeff McKinnon: Sexual selection, speciation in fish.

Sue McRae: Behavioral ecology and social evolution in birds.

Ariane Peralta: Microbial Ecology

Enrique Reyes: Landscape ecology, ecological modeling, coastal management.

Roger Rulifson: Fisheries Biology and management.

Jean-Luc Scemama: Post-duplication gene evolution.

Ed Stellwag: Vertebrate evo-devo and cis-regulatory network evolution.

John Stiller: Molecular evolution and comparative genomics.

Kyle Summers: Evolution of color, behavior in poison frogs; evolutionary medicine.

Heather Vance-Chalcraft: Predation and community ecology.

Baohong Zhang: MicroRNA evolution, comparative genomics, and molecular genetics.

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