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Name: Dr. Anthony Overton
Title: Assistant Professor
Area of Study:  Fish Ecology
Phone: 252-328-4121
Fax: 252-328-4178
Office: Howell S215A
Address: Department of Biology
  East Carolina University

Greenville, NC 27858

Anthony Overton


Ph.D.  Fisheries Science-Marine Estuarine and Environmental Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Department of Natural Sciences 2003.

M.S.  Fisheries Management-Forest Resources. University of Georgia 1997.

B.S.   Pre-Medicine, South Carolina State University 1994.

Research Program    

My research interests lie in four interrelated areas of fish ecology. These areas include the early life history of fishes, trophic foraging dynamics, fish bioenergetics and fisheries management.

By recognizing how environmental and physical properties influence the nutritional and physiological conditions of larval fishes, along with incorporating age, growth and feeding patterns into my research, I seek to augment understanding the science of recruitment dynamics. My second interest involves exploring the importance of indirect interactions in structuring benthic, pelagic and littoral food chains. It is my belief that the connectivity of foraging strategies to environmental conditions influences the structure of food webs. Additionally, I am interested in the role of predator-prey interactions on the overall health and physiology of fishes. The incorporation of foraging and energetics data into environmental assessments and single and multi-species models is important in management decisions.

Most importantly, I strive to structure my research such that it has real-world application. I aim to address the concerns of local, regional and national resource managers by working directly with them to develop strategies that enhance ecosystem resources. Lastly, fisheries and resource management have a strong social dimension, and my research strategies address the consequences of potential management decisions.

Courses Taught

BIOL 3660 Introduction to Marine Biology

BIOL 4550 Introduction to Fisheries Management

BIOL 7630 Fisheries Management and Ecology.

BIOL  6450 Statistical Applications in SAS for Ecologist

CRM 7011 Advance Fisheries Techniques

Recent Publications

Cerino, D,  A.S. Overton, J.A. Morris, and J.A. Rice (In Revision). Bioenergetics and Trophic Impacts of Invasive Indo-Pacific Lionfish. Planned submission to Transactions of the American Fisheries Society

Rulifson, R.A, A.S. Overton,  and A. Gross.  (In-Press). Feasibility of Stocking Adult River Herring to Restore Spawning Populations in A Southeast US Coastal Watershed . Southeastern Association of Fish and  Wildlife Agencies.

Zhang YQ, Chen DL, Ennis AC, Polli JR, Xiao P, Zhang BH, Stellwag EJ, Overton A, & Pan XP (In press-2012) Chemical Dispersant Potentiates Crude Oil Impacts on Growth, Reproduction, and Gene Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans. Archives of Toxicology.

Riley, K.L., S.A. Binion, and A.S. Overton.  (2012). Estimating the food requirements and prey size spectra of larval American shad. Marine and Coastal Fisheries 4:201-217.

Overton, A.S., N.A. Jones, and R. A. Rulifson (2012). Spatial and temporal variability in instantaneous rates of growth and mortality rates of larval river herring in Tar-Pamlico River, Pamlico Sound, North Carolina. Marine and Costal Fisheries. 4:218-227

Binion, S.A.,  A.S Overton, and K.L. Riley (2012). Foraging potential of larval alosines in lower Roanoke River and Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. Marine and Coastal Fisheries 4:228-238

Matsche, M, A.S. Overton, J. Jacobs, and M.R. Rhodes 2010. Low prevalence of splenic mycobacteriosis in migratory striped bass (Morone saxatilis) from North Carolina and Chesapeake Bay. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. 90:181-189

Stine, C.B., J.M. Jacobs, M.R., Rhodes, A.S. Overton, M. Fast, and A.M. Baya. 2009. Expanded range and new host species of Mycobacterium shottsii and M. pseudoshottsii. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

Overton, A.S., F. J. Margraf, E. B. May.2009.Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Striped bass Foraging in the Chesapeake Bay: Predator Responses to a Changing Forage Base. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 138:915-926

Overton, A. S, and R. A. Rulifson.2008.Annual Variability in Upstream Migration of Glass Eels in a Southern USA Coastal Watershed. Environmental Biology of Fishes.84:29-37

Fitzpatrick , E.E. and A.S. Overton 2008 Age, Growth, Mortality and Fecundity of Yellow Perch in Yeopim River, Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 61:10-16

Okoye, A. O., A. S. Overton, M. Loeffler, and S. E. Winslow. 2008. White Perch Fecundity Relationships in Western Albemarle Sound, North Carolina.Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science. 124:46-50

Overton, A.S. C.S. Manooch, J.W. Smith, and K. Brennan. 2008. Interactions between large adult migratory striped bass and their prey on the off the Virginia and North Carolina U.S. Atlantic Coast from 1994-2007.Fishery Bulletin 106 174-182.

Overton, A. S., J. Zabowski, and K. L . Riley.2008.Release Mortality of Undersized Fishes from the Snapper-Grouper Complex off the North Carolina Coast. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 28:733-739


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