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Research and Creative Achievement Week 2011
 research week 2011 Several Biology faculty members and students are to be congratulated for campus-wide awards given out during ECU Research and Creative Achievement Week:

Prof. Jason Bond: Five Year Achievement Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Activity

Prof. Roger Rulifson: Scholar-Teacher Award

Jennifer Apger (Christensen Lab): Best Thesis Award

Congratulations to all the Biology students who won awards at Research and Creative Achievement Week.  As the judges can attest, the competition was very high this year.  Winners, categories and majors are below (Mentors from Biology)

Undergraduate Winners:

Dorothy Dobbins, Biomedical Science, BS Biology/ BA Neuroscience

Deepak Ravindranathan, Natural Science, BS Biochemistry/BA Chemistry

George Vuong, Natural Science, BS Biology, (Mentor Beth Thompson)

Graduate Winner:

Michael Mabe, Natural Science, MS Biology (Mentor: Anthony Overton)

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award/Grant Recipients (some students working under non-Biology mentors):

Stephen Canady (Hvastkovs Lab)
Brittany Carr (Pekala Lab)
John Creech (DeWitt Lab)
Jeffrey Dwulet (Morehead Lab)
Caitlin Gold (Scemama Lab)
Amandeep Gujral (Schrenk Lab)
Dare Imes (Verbanac Lab)
Danielle Jessen (Allen Lab)
Lena Keller (Christensen Lab)
Tiffany Lee (Bareiss Lab)
Wayne Rummings (Christensen Lab)
Kelli Shortt (Scemama Lab)
Jessica Snyder (Kimmel Lab)
Kimberley Tillapaugh (Kennedy Lab)
Caitlin Trumbo (Sperry Lab)
Kimberley Wade (McRae Lab)