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Jean-Luc Scemama


Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Education

Area of Study: 

Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Cell Biology







Howell N-105


Department of Biology


East Carolina University


Greenville, NC 27858

Jean Luc Scemama 


Recent Publications

Davis A., Scemama, J. L. & Stellwag E. J. (2008) Japanese medaka Hox paralog group 2: insights into the evolution of Hox PG2 gene composition and expression in the Osteichthyes.  Journal of Experimental Zoology (Mol Dev Evol) 310B: 623-641.

Le Pabic, P., Stellwag, E. J. , Brothers, S. L. , & Scemama, J. L. (2007).  Comparative analysis of Hox paralog group 2 gene expression during Nile tilapa (Oreochromis niloticus) embryonic development. Development Genes and Evolution (217), 749-758.

Hurley, I., Scemama, J. L., & Prince, V. E. (2007).  Consequences of hoxb1 duplication in teleost fish. Evolution and Development, 9 (6), 540-554.

Scemama, J. L., Vernon, J. L. , & Stellwag, E. J. (2006).  Differential expression of hoxa2a and hoxa2b genes during striped bass embryonic development. Gene Expression Pattern, 6, 843-848.

Chiu, C. H., Dewar, K., Wagner, G. P. , Takahashi, K., Ruddle, F., Ledje C., Bartsch P., Scemama J. L., Stellwag E. J., Fried C., Prohaska S.J., Stadler P.F., Amemiya C.T., (2004).  Bichir HoxA cluster sequence reveals surprising trends in Ray-finned fish genomic evolution. . Genome Research 2004, 14, 11-17.

Zhu, Y., Stiller, J. W. , Shaner, M. P. , Baldini, A., Scemama, J. L., Capehart A.A., (2004).  Phylogenetic analysis of two distinct somatolactin subtypes in fish. Journal of Endocrinology, 182 (3), 509-518.

Capehart, A. A., Scemama, J. L., Singhas, C. A. , & Cox, S. (2002).  Heterogeneity of chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycan localization during early development of the striped bass, Morone saxatilis. Anatomical Record, 268 (1), 47-58.

Scemama, J. L., Hunter, M., McCallum, J., Prince, V. E. , & Stellwag, E. J. (2002).  Evolutionary divergence of vertebrate Hoxb2 expression patterns and transcriptional regulatory loci. Journal of Experimental Zoology (MOL DEV EVOL), 294, 285-299.

Snell, E., Scemama, J. L., & Stellwag, E. J. (1999).  Genomic organization of the Hoxa4-Hoxa10 Region from Morone saxatilis: implications for Hox gene evolution among vertebrates. Journal of Experimental Zoology, 285(1), 41-49.

Courses Taught

Cellular Physiology (Biol 3310/3311)

Concepts in Cell Biology (Biol 4230)

Current Literature in Development Biology (Biol 7130)

Cell Biology (Biol 7480/7481)

Laboratory Personnel

 Melissa Harkins Melissa Harkins
 Lucy Conaty Lucy Conaty
 Kelli Short Kelli Shortt
 Daniel White Daniel White