Margit Schmidt

Margit Schmidt

Title: Teaching Assistant Professor
Area of Study: Microbiology & Immunology
Phone: 252-328-9987
Fax: 252-328-4178
Office: Howell N307
Address: Department of Biology
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858

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Research Program

I worked in the field of immunology, especially in allergy and microbiology for many years.  I focused on the mechanisms of allergic responses as well as to identifying allergens from different sources which would help to lead to better diagnosis and treatment of this disease. My research was focused on recombinant allergen using various biotechnological methods. More recently, I joined the group of Jean-Luc Scemama and within this group collaboration with Joseph M. Chalovich.  We work on the role of synaptopodin/myopodin. This protein has been reported to be significant in cancer regulation and other cell responses.

Recent Publications

31.  Borer, A., Wassmann, P., Schmidt, M., Hoffman, D., Zhou, J., Wright C; Schirmer T; Markovi-Housley Z, (2012). Crystal structure of Sol I 2: a major allergen from fire ant venom.  Journal of Molecular Biology, 415 (4), 635-48.

30.  Castellow, J., Conaty, L., Schmidt, M., Cariveau, M., & Scemama, J. (2011). Hox expression in in exponentially growing colon cancer cell lines HT29 and Caco-2.North Carolina Academy of Science, Elon, North Carolina.

29.  Thalhamer, S., Shortt, K., Schmidt, M., Chalovich, J., & Scemama, J. (2011). Synaptopodin 2 expression and localization in differentiated and undifferentiated HT29 colon cancer. North Carolina Academy of Science, Elon, North Carolina.

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Courses Taught

BIOL 1100, Introductory Biology.

BIOL 2110, 2111. Microbiology for non-majors.

BIOL 4220, Microbes and Immunity.

BIOL 4170, Immunology.

BIOL 6030, Topics in Cell Biology.

BIOL 4150, Pestilence, Politics, Conquest.

BIOL 7170, Immunology. (Graduate)