Course Limits and Special Adds

In general, enrollment in Biology labs is limited by seats available in the lab room, and there are no special adds over the limits. For lecture only courses, usually there is a seat limit that is often, not always, dictated by the classroom size. The course limits are set at the maximum levels when the courses are added to Banner. It is rare that we increase these levels. The best way for you to get into a class that is filled is to look on Banner around the end of the semester and just after fees are due, as students will be dropped for non-payment. However, sometimes we will keep a waiting list if the course is required for specific programs or if the course is required for graduation or to keep on track in a program.

The instructor does NOT have the ability to add you to a course, as that is done through the central office in Biology. Therefore DO NOT email the instructor, it will just delay your place in the queue. If you have not been able to add yourself to a course because of course limits, and you need a course or lab that is 1) required for your program 2) necessary to keep on schedule in the program, please send the following information to Ginger Grimes ( name, banner ID, course number, section and semester requested, reason that you need the course and any other pertinent information. We will make every effort to accommodate your requests, but we make no guarantees.

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