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Department of Biology

Transfer Students

Tips before planning your program in Biology:

1. Quarter hours are converted to semester hours by multiplying by 66.66%.

2. Students who have completed a one semester (2 quarters) in general biology should enroll in BIOL 1200/1201.

3. Students who have completed a two semester course (3quarters) in general biology should enroll in BIOL 2250/2251 (Ecology) or BIOL 2300 (Genetics).

4. Students who have completed a zoology course and/or a botany course should enroll in BIOL 1100/1101, unless the botany and/or zoology courses stressed principles such as: the chemistry of life, cells, meiosis/mitosis, molecular biology, and genetics. If principles have been covered, along with a survey of organisms, then the student should enroll in BIOL 2250/2251 or BIOL 2300.

5. Students who have taken neither math nor chemistry must take a placement test in both before enrolling in either at ECU.

6. CHEM 1150/1151 requires MATH 1065 as a prerequisite or co-requisite. PHYS 1250 requires MATH 1065 as a prerequisite.

7. A complete schedule requires 15-18 s.h. A minimum schedule is 12 s.h.

8. There is no such thing as a pre-professional degree; i.e., "Pre-Med" students must major in an academic subject. The Physiology, Anatomy, and Cell Biology area of concentration is recommended for pre-health profession students.

9. Your GPA at the institution from which you are transferring does not transfer to ECU; only hours of credit transfer. Therefore, your GPA at ECU will be based only on course work taken here.

10. To Graduate from ECU, you must have a total of 126 semester hours, including transfer credit, plus a minimum 2.0 GPA overall and a 2.0 in your major (including cognate courses in math, chemistry, physics, and the research skills option). Of the 126 s.h. minimum required for graduation, at least 63 s.h. must be completed at a four year institution. A minimum of one-half the total number of hours required for the major must be completed at ECU.

11. A Senior Summary Sheet and Application for Graduation should be done during your Junior year. See your academic advisor.