Undergraduate Research Courses

Starting in Fall 2010 there are three different research courses for all students. Research in Biology, BIOL 3504 (1 sh), and Research Problems in Biology, BIOL 4504 (2 sh) and BIOL 4514 (2 sh) can be taken and repeated for credit. All of these courses require consent of the instructor. Students interested in research should look on the Biology website for research interests of each faculty member. For each semester hour, 2-3 hours of research-related work should be done each week. Depending on the project, one suggestion is that each student begin a research project with BIOL 3504, and in subsequent semesters register for BIOL 4504 or 4514. As these courses are writing-intensive, there is an expectation of keeping a laboratory notebook or similar document during the experience. Up to a maximum of 6 sh of research courses including BIOL 3504, 4504, 4515 can be used as BIOL electives toward the BS Biology or BS Biochemistry degrees.

There are two courses usually reserved for Honors students, Honors in Biology, BIOL 3550 (1 sh) and BIOL 4550 (2 sh). In addition, Biology Honors Thesis, BIOL 4995 (2) is reserved for final semester seniors to prepare and present an Honors thesis to complete the requirements for graduation with Honors in Biology. Students writing a thesis can get up to 8 sh of Biology elective credit toward their BS Biology degree, including BIOL 4995. Please see "Honors in Biology" for a description.

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