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Terry West


Director, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Biological Sciences and
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Biology.
Associate Professor

Area of Study: 

Invertebrate Zoology and Ecology







Howell N108E and S305A


Department of Biology


East Carolina University


Greenville, NC 27858

Terry West

Research Program

My research interests are invertebrate zoology and ecology.  Within these two disciplines, most of my work has centered on the feeding biology of organisms.  I have studied the specialized ways by which a large family of marine snails (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Mitridae) locate and ingest their prey (sinpunuculans or "peanut worms"); the importance of feeding history on the growth, development and metamorphosis of barnacles; the effect of fish predation on communities of invertebrates living in estuarine sediments (benthic infauna); and most recently, relationships between food availability and the development of estuarine infaunal communities.
My reasons for studying what I do is to find out something about how animals make a living in the real world, and particularly how human activities affect estuarine infaunal communities in this regard.  The types of anthropogenic influences of greatest interest to me are estuarine habitat restoration and creation, and fishing activities such as bottom trawling.

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Courses Taught

Introductory Biology
General Zoology
Invertebrate Zoology
Marine Community Ecology


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