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To assist students with the development of a unique, interdisciplinary course of study that is purposeful, career driven, and academically rigorous.


About University Studies

Do you seek unique paths? Are you looking for a degree that you can tailor to meet your specific academic and career goals? Have you debated or wandered between different traditional majors but cannot pick just one (or more)?

The Bachelor of Science in University Studies provides students an opportunity to design their own degree plan and obtain faculty assistance and approval for their non-traditional approach. Students work with University Studies Program advisors in the introductory class (UNIV 2000) to design a specific, individual course of study around a focused theme, which is otherwise not available in traditional university majors, related to their career goals. The University Studies program cannot be used to bypass requirements of an existing program or otherwise replicate an existing major. The Program Director and the University Studies Faculty Oversight Committee (FOC), must approve of each student's degree plan and proposal to ensure academic rigor and help the student select courses that best meets their academic and career goals.

This program is perfect for students with a higher number of completed credit hours, transfer students, "part-way" students (adult learners who left college without a degree), and military personnel, veterans, and their family members who need a degree that can be tailored to their desires, but accepting of accumulated credit hours.


Requirements to Declare a University Studies Major

  • 75 s.h. of completed coursework
  • 2.0 minimum GPA

Minimum degree requirements is 120 s.h. of credit as follows:



2016 Catalog or earlier


2017 Catalog or later


 Foundation Curriculum – 42 s.h.


 Foundation Curriculum – 40 s.h.


 BSUS Core – 13 s.h.

  • LDSP 1000
  • LDSP 4000
  • UNIV 2000
  • UNIV 4990
  • Technology Course (BITE 2112, ITEC 2000, MIS 2223, or an approved technology course)

 BSUS Core – 13 s.h.

  • LDSP 1000
  • LDSP 4000
  • UNIV 2000
  • UNIV 4990
  • Technology Course (BITE 2112, ITEC 2000, MIS 2223, or an approved technology course

 Thematic Core –   48 s.h.


 Thematic Core –   48 s.h.


 Free Electives – 17 s.h.


 Free Electives – 19 s.h.


Thematic Core Title

Sample Thematic Core Titles from previous student BSUS cohorts:

Vintage Apparel and Entrepreneurship

Sound Design in Film and Game Development

Environmental Health and Safety Communication

Family Services Advocacy

Public Policy in the Arts

Faith-Based Youth Services

Scientific Writing

Brewing Science

Social Media & Communications

Digital Story Telling as Advocacy

Health in Special Populations

Computer Networking Consulting

Multimedia Arts

Exotic Animal Studies

Veterans Affairs Management

Business Communication

Nutrition and Performance

Developmental Services for Children

Reintegration Facilitation

Health Advocacy and Promotion

Fashion and Consumer Studies

Advocacy for at Risk Populations

Personnel and Event Management

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Global Understanding

Writing and Politics


While there have been students who have graduated with the same Thematic Core title, there are not set courses or a set plan to make up that title. Each Thematic Core and curriculum plan is unique to every student. 

For more information on the Bachelor of Science Degree in University Studies, see the PowerPoint Presentation below:

BSUS PowerPoint Presentation


University Studies Program Partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community College

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BSUS Student Profile Jequetta Thomas small

Jequetta Thomas

Jequetta Thomas is a senior at East Carolina University majoring in University Studies with a thematic core in Women’s Healthcare Advocacy.

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