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Mary Farwell, Department of Biology
I am interested in how cancer arises at the molecular/biochemical level, specifically looking at cell death pathways and how they are deregulated during cancer development.  My main project concerns the proto-oncogene Bcl-2 and how it contributes to cancer.  In addition, I have collaborative projects to design novel cancer treatments.

Cindy Putnam-Evans, Department of Biology
My lab is interested in structure/function relationships within the Photosystem II complex, which catalyzes the water oxidation step of photosynthesis.  We use a combination of biochemical and genetic techniques to study the role of the CP43 protein, which appears to play a direct role in catalysis.

Rukiyah Van Dross, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Our primary research objective is to understand the molecular events involved in the chemoprevention of skin cancer using a variety of natural and synthetic compounds.

Siddhartha Mitra, Department of Geology
As a scientist, I focus on the fate and transport of trace organic chemicals in the environment.  Organic chemicals, natural or synthetic, can help answer many questions about anthropologic or geologic processes.  One major area of research here at ECU deals with the biogeochemical cycling of black carbon and its effects on the global carbon cycle.  Another area of research with which I am involved deals with the science of organic contaminant bioavailability.