Department of Chemistry
Analytical Division


Analytical chemistry focuses on the measurement of the amount and composition of materials.  Most analytical chemists develop and use instrumental tools for their chemical analyses.  The members of our division work with a variety of modern techniques, including chromatography and spectroscopy, to ultimately improve the quality of chemical measurements. 

danella_3 resized Allison S. Danell
Associate Professor

Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry
Analytical Instrument and Method Development

Paul J. Gemperline
Dean, Graduate School

Process Analytical Chemistry

Hvastkovs resized

Eli G. Hvastkovs
Associate Professor

Development of Electrochemical Sensors


Kennedy resized

Anthony Kennedy
Associate Professor

Quantitative Analysis with Infrared Spectrometry


Yu Yang

Supercritical Fluid Separation Techniques
Subcritical Water Applications