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"Calorimetric Investigation of Copper Binding in the N-Terminal Region of

the Prion Protein at Low Copper Loading: Evidence for an Entropically 

Favorable First Binding Event" Devi Praneetha Gogineni, Anne M. 

Spuches, and Colin S. Burns* Inorganic Chemistry 2015, 54, 441-447.

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"Peculiarities of Copper Binding to Alpha-Synuclein" Atta Ahmad*,
Colin S. Burns*, Anthony L. Fink, and Vladimir N. Uversky* Journal
of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 
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"Prothymosin-alpha Inhibits HIV-1 via Toll-like Receptor 4-Mediated

Type I Interferon Induction" Arevik Mosoian, Avelino Teixeira, Colin S.

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Haritha Mattapalli, William B. Monteith, Colin S. Burns and Allison Danell*

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 2009, 20,



"The Manganese Transporter MntH is a Critical Determinant for

Brucella Abortus 2308 in Experimentally Infected Mice" Eric S.

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"Identification of the Cu(II) Coordinating Residues in the Prion

Protein by Metal-Catalyzed Oxidation Mass Spectrometry:

Evidence for Multiple Isomers at Low Cu(II) Loadings" 

Rapole Srikanth, Jonathan Wilson, Colin S. Burns* and Richard

W. Vachet* Biochemistry 2008, 47, 9258-9268.


"Characterization of the Cu2+ Binding Modes in the Prion Protein

by Visible CD and Multivariate Curve Resolution" J. Bryant Pollock,

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Anchored Peptides of the Metal Binding Domain of the Prion

Protein" Angela G. Kenward, Libero J. Bartolotti and Colin S.

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"Purification and characterization of the central segment of

prothymosin-a: Methodology for handling highly acidic peptides"

Christopher L. Wilson, William B. Monteith, Allison S. Danell

and Colin S. Burns* Journal of Peptide Science 2006, 12, 721-



University of California at Santa Cruz


"Molecular Features of the Copper Coordination Sites in the Full

Length, Recombinant Prion Protein" Colin S. Burns, Eliah Aronoff

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"Identification of the Cu2+ Binding Sites in the N-Terminal Domain

of the Prion Protein by EPR and CD Spectroscopy" Eliah Aronoff

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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