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Allison S. Danell



I am very lucky to work with many enthusiastic and talented undergraduate and graduate students!

Past Group Members

Belinda Anumudu, BA, 2008
Ryan Cook, BS, 2013
Chris Crout, BA, 2011

Jonathan Edwards, BA, 2008
Brian Harris, BA, 2007
Kayla Hunter, BS, 2011
Anna Jarvis, BS, 2011
Haritha Mattapalli, MS, 2007
Will Monteith, BS, 2006
Matt Myer, MS, 2008
Whitney Parrish, BS, 2011, MS, 2012
Alicia Strange, BS, 2008
Drisheka Thati, MS, 2012
Anita Unnithan, BS, 2006
Chris Veale, BS, 2007
Mary-Russell Wagstaff
Carl Young, BS, 2005

Where are they now?!?

All over!  A few are working on their PhDs (Kate, Will, Alicia, Carl) while Chris V. went onto graduate school in medical physics.  Jonathan and Belinda are in medical school now, and Anita is a pediatrics resident.  Anna and Mary-Russell are off to pharmacy school, and Whitney to dental school.  The rest have joined the working world in private industry or academia!