Danell Lab


4/9/18:  Dr. D won a UNC Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award for 2017-2018!

3/6/18:  Cam's abstract was accepted for a poster presentation at the 66th ASMS Conference in sunny San Diego this June!

2/23/18:  Austin has won an Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity award to support our research with physician David Collier. Our whole team is very proud!

10/15/17:  Elizabeth and Austin won a Chemistry Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Award to support their undergraduate research, and Cameron won a CURE award for his, too.  Both awards include $1,500 for chemicals and other supplies, and will help them make progress on important studies of benzoate preservatives with chromatography and mass spectrometry!

6/15/17:  Whitney's work has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry:  "Improving the Reliability of Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Peptide-Zinc(II) Binding Constants"

4/4/17:  Jen won "Best Graduate Oral Presentation" in Biomedical Sciences at ECU's Research Week for her talk:  "Sodium Benzoate: Quantitation in Soft Drinks Implicated in Obesity"

2/28/17:  Dr. D was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors, which recognizes and encourages inventors who have a patent issued from the United States Patent and Trademark Office:  Patent #9,328,060 J-Series Protaglandin-Enthanolamides as Novel Therapeutics.

2/15/17:  Nicolette won a Chemistry Undergraduate Research Experience award:  "Investigation of Suitable Cationizing Agents to Attain different MS/MS pathways for Isomeric Lipids"




Current Group Members

Austin Allen, BS, 2019
Nolan Davis, BS, 2020
Elizabeth LaFave, BS, 2018
Swathi Mamillapalli, MS, 2018
Jennifer Marechek, MS, 2018
Cameron Worthington, BS, 2018

Past Group Members

Belinda Anumudu, BA, 2008
Ryan Cook, BS, 2013
Chris Crout, BA, 2011
Jonathan Edwards, BA, 2008
Nicolette Edwards, BS, 2017
Brian Harris, BA, 2007
Kate Henderson
Ariel Herbert, BS, 2017
Kayla Hunter, BS, 2011
Anna Jarvis, BS, 2011
Robert Kobet, BS, 2015, MS 2016
Haritha Mattapalli, MS, 2007
Rachel Mehaffey, BS, 2014
Will Monteith, BS, 2006
Matt Myer, MS, 2008
Whitney Parrish, BS, 2011, MS, 2012
Alicia Strange, BS, 2008
Drisheka Thati, MS, 2012
Anita Unnithan, BS, 2006
Chris Veale, BS, 2007
Mary-Russell Wagstaff
Carl Young, BS, 2005

Where are they now?!?

Alumni of the Danell Lab at ECU have gone on to varied and rewarding careers. They have furthered their education in graduate or professional school, and have secured positions in their chosen professions. I am exceptionally proud of all of these students; please see highlights of just a few of them below, featuring links to their current employers.


William Monteith, PhD

ECU Class of 2006


Haritha Mattapalli, MS

ECU Class of 2007


Uchechi Belinda Anumudu, MD

ECU Class of 2008

Jarvis Knox

Anna Jarvis Knox, PharmD

ECU Class of 2011