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Registration Request Form

*After reviewing below information and still require assistance - please download registration form and complete.  Send via email to Jessica Fulford, Student Services Specialist ( Please allow up to 24 hours for response.

Click on the link to download:

Student Registration Request Form.doc


The Chemistry Department has many courses for which the laboratory is co-requisite with the lecture.

































This means for any of the above courses, you must take the lecture and lab at the same time. The only time the Chemistry Department allows students to take one without the other is if they have attempted both courses before and failed one of them.

The notorious “Prerequisite/Test Score Error” message (arrrrgh!)

Registering for co-requisite courses in OneStop/Banner is a little tricky. Often students will try to add the lecture and then add the lab only to have OneStop/Banner reject it as a “pre-requisite/test score error.” This is because the system reads the student as trying to register for only the one half of a pair of co-requisite courses. Banner does not have a “co-requisite error” code, so it labels it a “pre-requisite error.”

You must enter the two courses at the exact same time. To do so you must use the Add/Drop page. Take the CRN numbers from the OneStop semester catalog (the number in blue along the left hand side) and enter both CRNs in the boxes at the bottom of the page (see graphic below). Then click “Submit Changes”. 


The Add/Drop page:

Chem Registration Help OneStop Page


**Note: Since MATH 1065 is a prerequisite or co-requisite of CHEM 1150, if you have not taken it before you will need to type in the CRN of this course either before or along with those for CHEM 1150 and 1151 (there are several boxes into which you can type CRNs on the Registration page, so there is plenty of space to put the CRNs for all three classes before submitting the changes).**

If you continue to have difficulties registering, make sure:


  1. The classes have available seats. This information will be listed in OneStop. See below:
Chem Website Catalog CRN pic


Our labs are set up to have a set number of stations. Not only is it impossible for two students to share the same lab station, we cannot exceed those numbers for risk of violating safety codes as outlined by the Fire Marshal. Once a lab is closed it is closed. We cannot special add students to labs. If no labs have open seats, you cannot register for the corresponding lecture.

If there are seats available in both lecture and lab and you are still encountering difficulties, check:

  1. There are no time conflicts in your schedule with the classes you are trying to register for.
  2. That you have completed and passed the pre-requisite courses.
  3. You are taking a course within your class range. For example: A freshman or sophomore should not be trying to register for a 4000 level seminars or research hours without special permission of the instructor.

If you have satisfied these requirements and are still having difficulty registering, please contact:

Jessica Fulford with your Banner ID number and the course, section number, and CRN of the classes you are trying to register for. She will get back to you within 24 hours to assist you. Or stop by her office room 303 on the third floor of the Science & Technology building, suite 300, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 11:00 am or 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Common Banner Registration Errors

If Banner isn’t allowing you to register for a class you need to read the ERROR MESSAGE it gives you. 

NOTE: when ERROR “…” appears, Banner is identifying for you the specific error message. SCROLL DOWN to find reason for restriction/error. Follow instructions listed under what to do to resolve registration issue.

Faculty Advisors do not have permission to special add you to classes if you get an error. Please follow the appropriate directions.

Consent of Instructor/Approval of Department Chair Person Requires department approval. Contact Departmental main office (Student Services Specialist) offering the course.

*Do not contact the instructor - they have no authorization in adding you into course*  
Corequisite error Requires co-requisite of class listed to register. Register for both classes at the same time. Enter both CRNs on the course worksheet and hit register.
Class Restriction Student’s classification (FR, SO, JR, SR) does not match required classification for the course. Students may only register for courses one level higher than their student classification. Students must have permission of department to be added.
Closed Section Section is closed or full. Students must have permission of department to be added.
College Restriction Student is not declared in the college required of this course. Students must have permission of department to be added
Degree Restriction Student is not declared in degree/major required of this course. Students must have permission of department to be added
Level Restriction Student’s level (undergraduate, graduate, professional meaning doctoral) does not match required level of class. Students must have permission of department to be added. If you are an undergraduate student, you cannot take anything above a 5000-level class.
Major Restriction Student is not declared or intended in major required of this course. Students must have permission of department to be added
Maximum Hours Exceeded Course will put student over maximum allowed hours. Unless you are a graduating senior, you need a minimum 3.0 GPA to get permission to take more than 18 hours (Spring & Fall) or more than 7 hours (each summer session). Contact your advisor if you want to take extra hours.
*Prerequisite and Test Score Error Missing prerequisite and/ or required test scores for course. Cannot register for class. If you feel this is an error check your academic transcript. If prerequisite exists, contact your advisor.  

*This is also the main generic error message when entering in CRNs improperly.  If you are also a transfer/non-seeking degree/2nd-degree seeking: you will encounter this due to Banner not recognizing transcript credits - contact Registrar's office to ensure your credits are recognized in system - or you will always receive this message upon registering and require override assistance.
Program Restriction Student is not declared in major required of this course. Students must have permission of department to be added
*Repeat Count Exceeds 0 Student has already received credit for this course or is currently registered for the course.
*If you wish to repeat a course you are currently registered for (i.e. you are failing the course), contact your advisor or go to the Registrar’s Office.  You are not allowed to register for same course whilst currently enrolled in.

 * If student wishes to grade replace a course with a grade of “D,” your advisor may remove this restriction ahead of registration time. Discuss this during your advising appointment!

Time Conflict Time conflicts with another course in schedule. Either change time or remove course currently in that time slot. Priority courses (i.e. Chemistry) should be registered first before electives.
Student Attribute Student is not part of the special grouping of students eligible to register for this course. (example, Distance Education or Honors College) Pick a different section of this course.Courses with section numbers in the 600s are reserved for Distance Education students. Most courses will be open to campus students if not filled by a certain date. Contact your advisor for the date these courses will be open to all students.