Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Chemistry

The Huo Research Group

Huo Group 14

2014-15 Left to right:  Jeffrey Carroll, Dr. Shouquan Huo, Brian Hinckley, Daniel Clayton, Rachel Terrell, Hannah Woolard, Rob Mroz. Not pictured: David Blanchard.



Undergraduate Students

(left to right)

Brian Hinckley

Rachel Terrell

Daniel Clayton

Hannah Woolard

David Blanchard (not pictured)

Graduate Students


Jeffrey Carroll

B.S. East Carolina University; Chemistry, Biology, 2013

M.S. East Carolina University;  Organic Chemistry, 2015

Rob Mroz extr

Rob Mroz

B.S. State University of New York, Oswego; Chemistry, 2014

M.S. East Carolina University; Organic Chemistry, 2016