Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at East Carolina University! The Department of Chemistry offers the BS and BA degrees at the undergraduate level and the MS at the graduate level. The BS degree is certified by the American Chemical Society. Additionally, through our participation in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Biological Sciences, the department offers the PhD with a Chemistry concentration. Find out more about our department by reading our vision and mission statements. Information on the programs, courses, facilities and people associated with the Chemistry Department may be found on the links above.

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Need help registering for Chemistry Courses?

All requests will be addressed within 24-48 hours - Please be patient with the process.

Summer Session 1 begins May 15th, 2016. (Add/Drop ends 5/17 - next day)
Summer Session 2 begins June 23rd, 2016 (Add/Drop ends 6/24 - next day)
FALL Semester begins August 22, 2016 (Add/Drop ends 8/26 - by 5pm that day)

Seats may seem to fill up fast at the start of Registration - March 21st, but for those looking for FALL 2016 - please be patient, as many factors play into seat capacity changes.  You are most likely to see seats become available when the summer sessions end and grades post to determine who does not meet the next level prerequisite grade requirements. Other factors also come into play that allow seats to open.  Do not get discouraged and please be patient. 

Chemistry courses are in HIGH demand for many majors and should be registered for as HIGH priority above other courses.

If you are taking the prerequisite courses off campus during the summer, and want to register for next level in advance - the permission form from the Registrar's website ( must be filled out and signed by the Chemsitry Department Chair before approval is given to allow registration for courses. (i.e. - taking CHEM 1150/1151 at a community college "back home" and wanting to register for CHEM 1160/1161 for the FALL)

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