Department of Chemistry
Inorganic Division


Inorganic chemistry involves the study of non-hydrocarbon molecules.  A quick glance at the periodic table reveals that this encompasses a wide variety of species.  Despite the inorganic label, inorganic chemistry can involve the study of organic molecule transformations at metal centers – processes that are at the heart of enzyme reactions and catalysis.  Members of the inorganic division synthesize, characterize and study a variety of species, ranging from solid-state materials to biomolecules.


Shouquan Huo
Associate Professor

Phosphorescent Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diode Applications

Morehead resized

Andrew T. Morehead
Associate Professor

Catalytic Applications of Transition Metal Complexes with Synthetic Organic Applications


Andrew L. Sargent

Molecular Modeling of Large Systems

SPUCHES2 Anne M. Spuches
Associate Professor

Characterization of Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Metal Binding to Biomolecules