By working with one of our industrial partners, an internship through the chemistry department provides invaluable skills and connections useful to our students as they begin their careers. We offer internship opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our recently created Professional Science Masters requires an internship. 

It's important to remember that in addition to the help we can lend in finding an opportunity, to receive credit for your internship you will need to work with our internship coordinators (listed below) before beginning any such position. 

Undergraduate and Graduate internships receive credit through CHEM 5993 - Industrial Internship in Chemistry or (for PhD students) CHEM 7993 - Pharmaceutical Internship, both of which are three credit courses and require a minimum of 180 hours and occur under the joint supervision of one of our faculty members and your industrial supervisor. 

Recent previous internships have included: 

For Undergraduate Internships:
Dr. Allison S. Danell, Director of Undergraduate Studies 
591 Science and Technology Building 
(252) 328-9766 

For Graduate Opportunities

Dr. Yu "Frank" Yang, Director of Graduate Studies 
587 Science and Technology Building 
(252) 328-9811

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