Joi Walker

Title: Assistant Professor, Chemical Education
Office: SZ 503
Phone: (252) 328-9772
Email: walkerjoi15@ecu.edu

Ph.D. Science Education, Florida State University (2011) 
M.S. Chemistry, University of Tennessee at Knoxville (1986) 
B.A. Chemistry, Mary Baldwin College (1982)
Courses Taught

General Chemistry I (CHEM 1150)
General Chemistry II (CHEM 1160)

Research Overview 
My research agenda centers on the broad question of how argumentation can be integrated into the teaching and learning in undergraduate chemistry in order to help all students become more proficient in science and to increase the number and diversity of students who earn an undergraduate STEM degree. Understanding this question and pursuing answers to requires curriculum design, assessment development and validation both of which may then be used in classroom and laboratory research. 
Current Research 
Over the next two-years the chemistry department will implement the laboratory instructional model I developed for University labs and published under the acronym ADI, for argument-driving inquiry. The implementation process will provide a broad spectrum of research opportunities including, student proficiency in argumentation, science writing and science practices.

Selected Publications

Walker, J.*, Sampson, V., Southerland, S., Enderle, P.  (2016).  Using the laboratory to engage all students in science practices.  Chemistry Education Research and Practice, in press.

Walker, J. and Sampson, V. (2013). Using the laboratory to improve undergraduates' science writing skills through meaningful science writing, peer-review and revision. Journal of Chemical Education, 90(10), 1269-1274.

Walker, J. and Sampson, V. (2013). Learning to argue and arguing to learn: Argument-Driven Inquiry as a way to help undergraduate chemistry students learn how to construct arguments and engage in argumentation during a laboratory course. Journal for Research in Science Teaching, 50(5), 561-596. 

Sampson, V. and Walker, J. (2012). Writing to learn by learning to write in science: An initial test of the Argument-Driven Inquiry instructional model in an undergraduate chemistry laboratory course. International Journal of Science Education, 34(9-10), 1443-1486.

Walker, J., Sampson, V., Grooms, J., Anderson, B., & Zimmerman, C. (2012). Argument-Driven Inquiry in undergraduate chemistry labs: The impact on students' conceptual understanding, argument skills, and attitudes towards science. Journal of College Science Teaching, 41(4), 74-81. 

Walker, J., Sampson, V., & Zimmerman, C. (2011). Argument-Driven Inquiry: An introduction to a new instructional model for use in undergraduate chemistry labs. Journal of Chemical Education, 88(8), 1048-1056.