Department of Chemistry
Sample MS Degree Timeline


MS Program Sample Flow Chart


Semester 1


Semester 2

Core course  (3-4 s.h.)

Core course  (3 s.h.)

Elective course (3 s.h.)

Elective course (3 s.h.)

Research (3–6 s.h.)

CHEM 6103 (1 s.h., Literature seminar)

Select research advisor

Research (2–6 s.h.)

Select thesis committee

Present Research Plan







Semester 3


Semester 4

[Finish course work (3–6 s.h.)]

CHEM 7000 (3 s.h.)

CHEM 6103 (1 s.h., Research seminar)

Research (2-6 s.h.)

Research (2–8 s.h.)

Thesis defense

Begin thesis writing


Apply for graduation


Note that the number of research hours shown for each semester does not reflect the minimum for the degree, but is shown to reflect full time status.


last updated June 15, 2015