Department of Chemistry
Anne M. Spuches



East Carolina University

D. P. Gogineni, A. M. Spuches, C. S. Burns.  Calorimetric Investigation of Copper Binding in the N-Terminal Region of the Prion Protein at Low Copper Loading: Evidence for an Entropically Favorable First Binding Event. Inorganic Chemistry. 54 (2), 441–447, 2015.

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Previous Publications

A. M. Spuches and D. E. Wilcox.  Monomethylarsenite Competes with Zn2+ for Binding Sites in the Glucocorticoid Receptor.  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130 (26): 8148-8149, 2008.

A. M. Spuches, H. J. Argiros, K. H. Lee, L. Lowell Haas, S.C. Pero, D. N. Krag, P. P. Roller, D. E. Wilcox and B. A. Lyons.  Calorimetric Investigation of Phosphorylated and non-Phosphorylated Peptide Ligand Binding to the Human Grb7-SH2 Domain.  Journal of Molecular Recognition, 20 (4): 245-252, 2007.

A. M. Spuches, H.G. Kruszyna, A. M. Rich, and D. E. Wilcox. Thermodynamics of As(III)-Thiol Interaction: Arsenite and Monomethylarsenite Complexes with Glutathione, Dihydrolipoic Acid and Other Thiol Ligands.  Inorganic Chemistry, 44 (8): 2964-2972, 2005.

M. Ivancic, A. M. Spuches, E. Guth, M. Daugherty, D. E. Wilcox and B. A. Lyons.  Backbone Nuclear Relaxation Characteristics and Calorimetric Investigation of the Human Grb7-SH2/erB2 Peptide Complex.  Protein Science, 14 (6): 1556-1569, 2005.

M. Chung, X.Gu, B. A. Etzenhouser, A. M. Spuches, P. T. Rye, S. K. Seetharaman, D. Rose, J. Zubieta, M. B. Sponsler.  Intermetal Coupling in [(η5-C5R5)Fe(dppe)]2 (µ-CH=CHCH=CH) and in their Dicationic and Monocationic Mixed-valence Forms.  Organometallics. 22 (17): 3485-3494, 2003.