How to Declare A Chemistry Major:

So you want to be a Chemistry Major?!

Here's how to declare your major:

Click on the "Chemistry Major Declaration Form" link below to complete the form.
Please fill out ALL blanks listed and choose between the following degrees:

            • BA Chemistry
            • BS Chemistry
            • BS Biochemistry - Chemistry concentration

Click HERE to fill out
Major Declaration Form

 The Department of Chemistry offers two degrees that develop skills needed for jobs in a variety of fields including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Forensics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Homeland security and defense

Our BS and BA graduates often continue on to graduate and professional programs like:

  • Graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry, and structural biology
  • Medical school
  • Dental school
  • Pharmacy school

For more information on the jobs available to chemistry graduates, visit ECU's Career Center and the ACS Careers web site run by the American Chemical Society. Need help with resume writing, job searching, and interviewing? The Career Center staff can help, and so can our own Dr. Keith Holmes, who has almost 30 years of work experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

To learn more about our undergraduate program, use the links at left. If you have further questions, contact:

Dr. Allison S. Danell, Director of Undergraduate Studies
591 Science and Technology Building
(252) 328-9766