Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli
Odysseus and Kalypso

Welcome to the Program in Classical Studies. At East Carolina University, Classics satisfies:

The foreign language requirement for the BA

Latin and Greek 1001-2004 fulfill the BA language requirement. Classes are taught in English and do not have oral exams, though correct pronunciation is taught. Students learn to read and translate short original texts in 1001-1002, and complete ancient works by authors such as Cicero, Plato, Vergil, and Euripides in 2003-2004. Classes are offered in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures.

Parthenon Stylobate

Foundations requirements

Classical Humanities courses.
FC:HU. The Western world's foundational literature in English translation and ancient Greek and Roman cultures are offered under the CLAS prefix. Whether you want to study Greek tragedy, classical mythology or epics such as the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid, the Classical Studies program has the class for you. There are also Classical Humanities courses under the ENGL, PHIL, and RELI prefixes.

Classical History and Archeology
FC:SO. Courses in the Department of History cover the ancient world from 800 B.C. to A.D. 476 and on to the Middle Ages, with a primary focus on military history and political development. Archaeology courses offered in the Department of Anthropology treat the material culture of the ancient Near East from the Old Testament to the Byzantine period. A complete list of FC Classics courses is available in the catalog entry for the Minor in Classical Studies.

300 Prepare for Glory

The Major: Classics or Classical Civilization

Through the Multidisciplinary Studies degree, the Program in Classical Studies offers two concentrations: Classics, with a focus on the ancient languages and their literatures; and Classical Civilization, which concentrates more broadly on the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. Students considering graduate school in Classics should select the Classics major. See the Degree Programs page for more information.

Sara Davis reciting at Odyssey Live

Extra-curricular Activities: the Classical Performance Series

Students act in and help stage productions of Greek and Roman Drama and performances of poetry directed by Classics faculty. Past events include Odyssey LIVE!, Aristophanes' Lysistrata and Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. See our Classics Performance Series page for a complete archive.

For more information on the Program in Classical Studies, please explore this website further, or contact the director, Dr. John Stevens, by email (, phone (252-328-6056).