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Seminar: "Herodotus and the Persian Wars" Peter Green (U Iowa)
Brewster Lecture: "Alexander of Macedon: Icon and Enigma" Peter Green
Lecture: "Three Women and a Dog. Alternative Medicine in the Ancient World." Carin Green (U Iowa)
Lecture: "Lucan's Pharsalia: The Fortunes of Historical Epic in 17th Century England" Andrew Shifflett (USC)
Lecture: "What You See is What You Cure: Magic, Medicine, and the Principle of Apparent Causality in Pliny's Natural History" Peter Green
Minutes January 21, 2005
Minutes October 6, 2004


Lecture: "Plato's Critique of Writing and its Aftermath" Dorothea Frede (U. Hamburg)
Lecture: "A North Carolina Odyssey: Homer and Charles Fraziers' Cold Mountain" Tom McCreight (Loyola Baltimore)
Minutes January 21, 2004
Minutes September 8, 2003


Lecture: "Homer, Erasmus, and the Problem of Strife" by Prof. Jessica Wolfe (UNC-CH)
Lecture: "Moving Monuments: the life of Obelisks" Grant Parker (Duke)
Minutes March 26, 2003
Minutes January 17, 2003
Minutes November 13, 2002
Minutes October 22, 2002
Minutes September 17, 2002


Lecture: "How Virgil Expanded the Underworld in Aeneid VI" Raymond Clark (Memorial U. Newfoundland)
Minutes September 20, 2001


Speaker: Jim Russell on the Roman army and bronze diplomata (Pres. Canadian Classical Association)
Speaker: Peter Green (U. Iowa) on the divinity of Hellenistic kings
Brewster Lecture: Wolfgang Haase, "Gods, Men, Godmen: Philosophical and Political 'Theologies' in Ancient Greece and the Classical Tradition"
North Carolina Classical Association Spring meeting on Vergil. Speakers: William Race (UNC-CH) and Diskin Clay (Duke)
Minutes February 16, 2001
Minutes September 8, 2000


Minutes November 5, 1999


Speaker: Lt. Cmdr. Alex Tilley on the Greek Trireme
Whichard Lecture: "The Two Cultures at the Milennium" Charles Fantazzi
Lecture: "Suffering and Wisdom in Greek Tragedy" Peter Smith (UNC-CH)
Lecture: "Themes from Book Four of the Aeneid" Rebeccah Smith (UNC-CH)
Minutes February 25, 1999
Minutes October 8, 1998


Whichard Lecture: "The Liberal Arts, the Humanities, and Other Good Things" Roger Hornsby (U. Iowa)
Seminar: "Socrates the Hero" Roger Hornsby (U. Iowa)
Whichard Lecture: "Ring Composition" Roger Hornsby (U. Iowa)
Seminar: "Vergil's Aeneid" Roger Hornsby (U. Iowa)
Speaker: Everett Wheeler (Duke)
Minutes March 10, 1998
Minutes October 15, 1997


Lecture: "Heraclius: an Emperor and his Crises" Walter Kaegi (U. Chicago)
Minutes February 3, 1997
Minutes November 19, 1996


Speaker: Carrie Cowherd (Howard U.) on the use of rapere in Plautus
Minutes September 19, 1995