Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli

Classical Studies Committee
East Carolina University

Minutes of the meeting of September 19, 1995

To: Professors Cerutti, Daugherty, Enright, Papalas, Ryan, Stevens, Sundwall, Dean Coulter, and Student Representative Lucy Goodwin.

Submitted 10/19/95, John A. Stevens, Secretary

Members present: Profs. Cerutti, Enright, Papalas, Stevens, and Dean Coulter.

1. Prof. Papalas called the meeting to order and invited nominations for a chair.  Enright nominated Papalas, and he was unanimously elected to remain as chair.  Stevens asked to continue as secretary.

2. Discussion turned to a draft charter.  Prof. Stevens read through the document.  Two amendments were proposed: the terms of the chair were not limited; and the possibility of amendment was added.  So amended, it passed unanimously.

3. Prof. Cerutti proposed a list of goals for the Classical Studies program they were:

i. Establish a major in Classical Studies
ii. Form a Department of Classical Studies
iii. Find centralized office space for faculty in Classical Studies
iv. Organize a symposium on a classical topic at ECU
v. Organize a Classical Studies Club
vi. Send Classical Studies students to study abroad programs
vii. Develop solid enrollments in Ancient Greek
viii. Increase the visibility of the Classical Studies program
ix. Promote interest in the Classical arts.

The goals were discussed one by one.  Suggestions included a major in Latin with teacher certification.  There was strong support for a symposium to bring together interested students and faculty from as many departments as possible.

4. Profs. Stevens and Cerutti remarked on the solid enrollments in Latin, Greek, and Classical Studies this fall.  Prof. Cerutti has 15 in Greek 1; 2 in Greek 2; and 43 in CLAS 1300, Latin and Greek for Vocabulary Building.  Prof. Stevens has two full sections (25) of Latin 1 and 20 in Latin 3.  Next spring Prof. Cerutti will teach for the first time CLAS 3400 The Ancient City: Rome, and Prof. Stevens will teach an Honors Seminar, HSEM 2011, Justice and Happiness in Ancient Greek Literature.

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