Program in Classical Studies
Classical Studies: Minutes

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Death Mask of Agamemnon
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Members: Professors Cerutti, Daugherty, Enright, Papalas, Ryan, Stevens, Sundwall, Dean Coulter, and Student Representative Don Whitten

Meeting #1, November 19, 1996, held in the A. D. Frank Room, B202 Brewster

Members present were: Cerutti, Papalas and Stevens

Also present was Prof. Calvin Mercer, Director, Religious Studies Program

Agenda Item I. Election of Officers:

Under the Classical Studies Charter, Director Papalas will serve as Chair; Prof. Stevens was elected to serve as Secretary.

Agenda Item II. Report of Calvin Mercer on a B.A. in Religion:

Prof. Mercer reported that the UNC General Administration decided not to forward the degree to the Board of Governors for approval. Very few programs were approved. It was noted however, that a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies was approved. The GA noted in its rejection of the Religion degree that it might become a track in the interdisciplinary studies degree. The decision to reject the Religion degree seemed to be based on a desire to avoid a proliferation of degrees and departments. This does not bode well for a proposed degree in Classical Studies at this time. It was agreed that all parties would meet with Dean Coulter on Friday 11/22 to discuss the nature of the proposed interdisciplinary studies degree. If that degree will have sufficient flexibility that it might accommodate complete tracks in Religion and Classical Studies, our programs may seek to participate in the formation of that degree.

Agenda Item III. Report on Greek and Latin Enrollments:

Prof. Stevens reported that enrollments in both language and literature courses are strong. Enrollments in Classics courses this fall were:

CLAS 1300 221
CLAS 3400 24
CLAS 3460 43
GRK 1001 21
GRK 1003 6
LATN 1001 52
LATN 1003 30
Total 397

Among the special efforts being made to promote interest: Prof. Cerutti is offering a special section of GRK 1001 to stimulate enrollments in the upper levels of Greek; Prof. Stevens is offering Greek Tragedy in Translation as CLAS 2220; and the program has gained sufficient strength that students have begun requesting that third year Latin (LATN 2021) be offered next fall.

Preregistration figures for the spring are as follows:

CLAS 1300 239
CLAS 2220 24
CLAS 3400 35
GRK 1001 25
GRK 1002 13
GRK 1004 5
LATN 1002 33
LATN 1004 27
Total 401

Agenda Item IV. Report on Visit of Prof. Kaegi:

Prof. Papalas reported that an invitation had been extended to the distinguished Byzantinist Walter Kaegi, of the University of Chicago. He is a visiting fellow this year at the National Humanities Center working on "Heraclius: an Emperor and his Crises". He will be offered an honorarium of $200 and invited for a visit in early January on a Thursday afternoon.

Agenda Item V. Report on New Courses of Classical Interest:

Two new courses are to be offered this spring of specific interest to Classicists: Prof. Daugherty is offering ART 2905 (MW 12-1:15) "Masterpieces and Ideas" (listed in the catalog as "Masterpieces in Art") which will have a significant classical content. She will work to revise and perfect the course over the summer in hopes of offering it again; Prof. Seavey is offering HIST 3333 (T-Th 9:30-10:45) with an honors section (299) "Biography and History", focusing on Plutarch’ s Lives.

Agenda Item VI. Report on Candidates for the Whichard Chair:

Prof. Stevens reported that at present 10 applications have been received for the position. Profs. Stevens and Cerutti will conduct preliminary interviews at the American Philological Association meeting in New York, Dec. 28-30.

Agenda Item VII. Election of a Student Representative:

It was agreed to ask Don Whitten, a Classical Studies Minor, to serve on the committee. Don is a junior physics major who plans to attend graduate school in Classical Archaeology.

A subcommittee of Cerutti, Papalas and Stevens agreed to meet with Dean Coulter. The next meeting of the full committee will be this spring.