Classical Studies: Minutes

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Death Mask of Agamemnon
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Members: Steven Cerutti, Frances Daugherty, Michael Enright, Roger Hornsby, Anthony Papalas, Eugene Ryan, William Seavey, Dean Keats Sparrow, John Stevens, McKay Sundwall, and student representative Gerald Kavanagh

Meeting #2, March 10, 1998, held in Brewster B 232, 3:30-4:15 pm

Members present were: Enright, Hornsby, Papalas, Ryan, and Stevens

Agenda Item I. Friends of ECU meeting:

Prof. Papalas announced that Classical Studies would be featured by the Dean at a meeting of the Friends of ECU. Prof. Cerutti is to give a presentation on the value of the Classics and on the state of the program at ECU, together with Profs. Papalas and Hornsby.

Agenda Item II. Joint Conference with the University of Ferrara:

Prof. Ryan announced that arrangements for the conference were being finalized and that the date of April 20-24 was now firm, with papers scheduled on April 22-24, among which will be this year’s Whichard Chair, Prof. Hornsby who will give the first paper, next year’s Whichard Chair, Prof. Charles Fantazzi, and Profs. Ryan, Papalas, and Cerutti.

Agenda Item III. Spring Lectures:

Prof. Hornsby, the Whichard Chair, will speak on the importance of a Classical education, "Why Classics?" on Monday, April 6 at 4 pm in GCB 1032. A reception to be hosted by the College will follow in 1006, with our thanks to Lou McNamee.

Since Prof. Mary Lefkowitz of Harvard, our intended lecturer, was able to come only on April 24, we declined her offer and suggested the following names: Everett Wheeler and Jim McCoy, both ancient historians. Prof. Papalas asked Prof. Stevens to serve with him on a subcommittee to arrange these presentations.

Agenda Item IV. BA / BS in Multidisciplinary Studies:

Prof. Stevens announced that the new Multidisciplinary major was up and running and that interested students should choose a faculty mentor with whom to design a curriculum and then consult with Prof. Cerutti, the director. There is a sample Classical Studies curriculum which all Classics majors are encouraged to follow, the chief requirements of which are three years of Latin and two of Greek or vice versa, 12 s.h. of classics electives, a 2- semester senior thesis (6 s.h.), and 18 s.h. above 2999. Although it had been the intention of Dean Coulter that these sample curricula be finalized and approved by the curriculum committees, there has been no mention of this yet.

CLAS 1300 332
CLAS 2000 25
CLAS 3400 105
GRK 1002 8
GRK 1004 9
GRK 2022 1
LATN 1002 34
LATN 1004 22
LATN 2022 3
Total 539

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.