Classical Studies: Minutes

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Members: Steven Cerutti, Michael Enright, Charles Fantazzi, Anthony Papalas, Eugene Ryan, William Seavey, Dean Keats Sparrow, John Stevens, and McKay Sundwall

Meeting #1, October 8, 1998, held in Brewster B 232, 3:30-4:15 pm

Members present were: Enright, Papalas, Ryan, Seavey, and Stevens

Agenda Item I. Election of Officers:

Prof. Papalas was elected unanimously as Chair of the Classical Studies committee. Prof. Stevens agreed to serve as secretary.

Agenda Item II. Lecture of Lieutenant Commander Alex Tilley:

Prof. Papalas announced that Alex Tilley, a naval commander with expertise in the field of the Greek trireme will speak on Wednesday, October 14 at 4 pm in the Maritime History building, or, if attendance is heavy, next door in the International House. He requested and the committee approved a request to use $100 of the honorarium budget toward his talk.

Agenda Item III. Classical Studies Minors:

Prof. Papalas shared with the committee the following list of students who have received minors in Classical Studies:

Laura Boyd 1998 Applying to Law School, UNC Chapel Hill
Alexandra Cuff 1998
Johnny Dale 1996
Andrew Davis 1997 Attending Law School
Mehryn Galardi 1994
Victoria Gauthier 1998
Lucy Goodwin 1996 Applying to Graduate School in Industrial Management
George Kaupp 1998 Applying to M.A. program in English, ECU
Gerald Kavanagh 1997 Completing M.A. in English, ECU
Lindsay Massengill 1998
Angela Reid 1994 Completing Ph.D. in English, UNC Chapel Hill
Kathryn Rickert 1996 Applying to Graduate School in Religion
Debra Schoenberg 1994
Shelley Smith 1997
Chandra Speight 1996 Completing Ph.D. in Political Science, Penn State
Brian Trail 1997 Completing M.A. in Classical Studies, U. Kentucky
Maria Tripp 1998 Neuse River Rapid Response Team; before pursuing Ph.D. in Biology
Donald Whitten 1998 Completing graduate work in Physics, ECU

Agenda Item IV. BA / BS in Multidisciplinary Studies:

Prof. Cerutti was not available to describe the progress of the program. Prof. Stevens reported that he had heard of 14 students, 6 in programs with a Classical concentration. Prof. Ryan asked of the status of a recommended curriculum in Classical Studies. Prof. Stevens responded that it seemed very much in limbo since students are free to design any degree they wish and since the oversight committee seems to have been discouraging the establishment of any "fixed" curricula.

CLAS 1300 248
CLAS 2000 18
CLAS 2400 100
CLAS 3400 83
GRK 1001 22
GRK 1003 3
GRK 1004 3
GRK 2021 2
LATN 1001 63
LATN 1003 30
LATN 3021 1
Total 573

Among the highlights were: the first time Homer is being taught in Greek, to two students; John Scott, an undergraduate major, who is traveling to Duke with Prof. Cerutti to read Plautus.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.