Classical Studies: Minutes

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Death Mask of Agamemnon
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Members: Steven Cerutti, Michael Enright, Charles Fantazzi, Student rep. Forrest Littleton, Anthony Papalas, Eugene Ryan, William Seavey, Assoc. Dean Scott Snyder, John Stevens, and McKay Sundwall

Members present: Enright, Fantazzi, Littleton, Papalas, Ryan, Snyder, Stevens (Seavey was excused).

Also present were Amy Hedgecock and Tom Rowe, Multidisplinary majors in Classical Studies

Meeting #1, September 8, 2000, held in Brewster B 202, 3-3:50 pm

Agenda Item I. Election of Officers:

Prof. Papalas continues in his capacity as Chair, and Stevens as secretary.

Agenda Item II. Upcoming Lectures:

Prof. Papalas announced that two eminent classicists would be coming to campus this fall. Jim Russell, current President of the Canadian Classical Association, past President of the American Institute of Archeology, and executive committee member of the National Geographic Society will come on or about October 19 to speak on the Roman army using archeological evidence such as bronze diplomata. The second, Peter Green, author of 30 books and internationally recognized authority on Juvenal, Greek history and Hellenistic civilization will give a talk here sometime in early November, and perhaps afterward in Chapel Hill.

Agenda Item III. Classical Studies Minor:

Prof. Stevens had circulated to the membership a draft revision to the minor with new requirements to take at least one semester of Greek or Roman history, and a new distribution of electives designed to require students either to take more than one year of Latin or Greek, or additional core courses and seminars in classical history, literature and philosophy. ART 1910, ANTH 2000 and HIST 5525 were dropped as electives and ART 2905, HIST 3406, 3412, 3415, and 5505, and PHIL 3320 were added. The new design is intended to be both more academically rigorous and simpler, and more inclusive of history and civ. of the middle ages. Prof. Papalas proposed the desirability of creating a reading list to be completed by students intending to pursue graduate work. Discussion of this list was postponed until the spring meeting.

Prof. Snyder reported that the Dean’s office was attempting to implement the recommendations of a report from an ad hoc committee on interdisciplinary programs, among which was a predictable budget cycle for the printing of brochures. He also added that the interim registrar, Angela Anderson has developed an electronic procedure enabling minor programs to track current students and graduation rates. When a student declares a major, he / she must simultaneously declare a minor, both via the advisor’s computer. In future, this data will be available upon request.

Agenda Item IV. Classical Studies Major:

Students were invited to make suggestions to improve the Multidisciplinary Major in Classical Studies. Among the suggestions were: renumbering courses to reflect more accurately the degree of difficulty of senior level courses; attempting to coordinate class schedules so that important courses do not overlap; providing students even more definite guidance about what a classics curriculum ought to contain; and creating a mechanism by which majors might be directed to work with the classical studies committee members, get to know them, and design curricula in consultation with them.

Agenda Item V. New Greek Text:

Prof. Fantazzi reported that GRK 1001 has a good showing with 15 students, and that he is enjoying the new text Athenaze (the standard in the field), which he has used successfully at other institutions. He commented that it was a reading centered approach that gives students grammatical knowledge piece by piece as needed to facilitate progress in reading, and that while this approach may frustrate from time to time, it is also working out quite nicely.

Agenda Item VI. Classical Studies Enrollments:

Enrollments for the Fall are as follows:

CLAS 1300 85
CLAS 2000 14
CLAS 3400 100
CLAS 4000 2
GRK 1001 15
GRK 1003 3
GRK 2021 2
GRK 4523 1
LATN 1001 48
LATN 1003 32
LATN 2021 3
LATN 4523 2
Total 307

The number of current minors was estimated at 20; the number of majors at 7.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.