Classical Studies: Minutes

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Death Mask of Agamemnon
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Members: Steven Cerutti, Michael Enright, Charles Fantazzi, John Given, Anthony Papalas, Jonathan Reid, Eugene Ryan, Assoc. Dean Scott Snyder, John Stevens, David Wilson-Okamura, and Tricia Wilson-Okamura

Members Present: Cerutti, Given, Papalas, Snyder, Stevens, D. Wilson-Okamura, and T. Wilson-Okamura
Excused: Enright, Fantazzi

Meeting #4, January 17, 2003, held in Brewster B203, 3:30-4:15 pm

Agenda Item 1. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of November 13, 2002 were approved without amendment.

Agenda Item 2. ECU Production of Euripides' Bacchae

Prof. Papalas welcomed Prof. Jeff Woodruff, Managing Director of ECU/Loessin Playhouse, who proposed various strategies to involve the Classics program in their production of the Bacchae. Discussed were a special admission price for Classics students, faculty agreed to send their class rosters to Prof. Woodruff and announce and / or require students to attend for class. Prof. Woodruff said that fliers were at the printer and would be forthcoming and that a website was in preparation. And he said that he would speak to John Shearin about the possibility of having a presentation on the staging of the play on the afternoon of the last performance.

Agenda Item 3. Report on Classics majors and courses

Prof. Cerutti reported that his CLAS 1300 and 3400 were full as usual, that he had added Intensive Latin to enable students to complete their language requirement more quickly, and that he was adding CLAS 3410, Pompeii in the fall, as a natural outgrowth of the popular Rome course. Prof. Stevens reported that enrollments in Latin were solid. Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura said that he class on Homeric Epic was going well and that minors were enrolled in it. Prof. Given said that Greek had dwindled a bit but that the remaining students were all solid.

Agenda Item 4. New Position in Classics

Prof. Stevens announced that the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, which had been given a position to promote faculty diversity had decided to award the position to Classics and that a search committee had been formed of Profs. Cerutti, Fantazzi, Given, Papalas, and Stevens.

Agenda Item 5. Scholarly Papers

Prof. Papalas asked whether any of the four colleagues attending CAMWS (Classical Association of the Middle West & South) would like to present their papers here first. Papalas is working on the wine trade in the ancient mediterranean; Prof. Given is working on Aristophanes and Stephen Sondheim's Frogs; Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura is working on references to law in Aeschylus' Oresteia and Prof. Stevens is working on the imagery of the temple of Jupiter in Cicero's Dream of Scipio. Prof. Papalas announced that adjunct professor Arthur Keaveney would also be there.

Agenda Item 6. Speakers

Prof. Given reported that Grant Parker, from Duke University, would speak sometime in late March or early April. Prof. Stevens reported that Prof. Gretchen Reydams-Schils, from the Notre Dame Program in Liberal Studies, would speak sometime in late February or early March.

Agenda Item 7. Classical Studies Enrollments:

Enrollments for Spring 2003

CLAS 1300 100
CLAS 2000 26
CLAS 2220 30
CLAS 3400 115
CLAS 4000 2
GRK 1002 5
GRK 1004 2
LATN 1001 8
LATN 1002 39
LATN 1004 21
LATN 3001 1
Total 349

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.